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The fringing reef at Orpheus

SEPTEMBER 30 – OCTOBER 5 2012 with Les Walkling and Darren Jew
I’m excited to be presenting at one of Australia’s premier live-in photography events for a second year; the Orpheus Island Residential Workshop hosted by the AIPP North Queensland Division and renowned artist, photographer, imaging expert and master printmaker Les Walkling.

This is the eighth year Les has presented this workshop, which is a full five day all-inclusive unique experience designed for serious enthusiasts and professional photographers. The James Cook University Orpheus Research Station is a first class teaching facility, and the tropical islands provide for amazing photographic opportunities. Les rates this workshop as the best workshop he delivers in Australia.

You will be on a tropical island fringed by coral reefs, giant clams and tropical fish, where you can photograph, snorkel, bushwalk, and beach-comb. Each day commences with lectures, demonstrations and presentations, followed by hands on work after lunch and into the evening. Aspects of fine art printing, advanced editing, camera craft, raw processing, pictorial design, colour management, marketing and business planning are highlights of the workshop. There is also a stunning half-day boat trip to nearby Yank’s Jetty and Fantome Island. Enjoy the marvelous menus created for us by our own internationally renowned chefs, and dine in the evening under the stars by the beach.

The workshop comprises lectures, demonstrations and presentations each morning, backed-up with hands on work after lunch and into the evening. This year Les and I will be again supported by five very experienced tutors and IT support staff to ensure that the knowledge you are acquiring is immediately translated into real-world imaging skills and new ways of seeing. Workshop sponsors also attend the workshop and supply the state-of-the-art printing equipment, knowledge and materials for your creative photography needs.

For the first time the workshop also offers underwater photographers of all levels the opportunity to develop their skills in an unmatched creative environment. Certified divers* enjoy two days of quality diving led by Darren Jew and Divemaster (and AIPP member) Michael Cranfield, with additional boat trips to the outer Great Barrier reef, visiting Bramble, Trunk and Rib reefs, and other dive sites.

The Orpheus Island Research Station is limited to only 40 guests. This workshop is very popular and will book out again this year.

This workshop has been accredited by the AIPP CPD Program and earns 50 points.

AIPP/ACMP members $1890/SCUBA option$2650* Non-members $2290/SCUBA option$3100* Students $1550/SCUBA option please enquire*

* Minimum dive qualification requirement is Open Water Diver Certification. Tanks and weights are included in the package. Other personal dive equipment to be provided by the participants.

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